NeuroTechnology Workshop

August 10-12, 2009

Sponsored by the NSF-PFI Award # 0650161

The Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory, together with the Departments of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida and Florida International University are organizing a 3 day workshop on Neurotechnology and its commercialization for students/faculty interested in the general area of Brain Machine Interfaces.

This workshop will be held in room EB 409 and associated laboratories.

The general schedule is the following:

  • 8:00 -9:30 AM morning session I
  • 9:30-10:00 AM coffee break
  • 10:00-11:30 AM morning session II
  • Lunch break
  • 1:00-2:00 PM Afternoon session
  • 2:00-5:00 PM Laboratories

(Password protected link to resources. Ask the organizer for permission)

There will be two parallel sessions in the afternoons to enable specialization of topics. Schedule will be as follows






BCI overview

BCI systems

Tech Xfer I



BMI overview

BMI systems

Tech Xfer II




Electrodes / Wearable I

Implantable I / Implantable II


EEG Lab / Neurophys lab

Neurophys Lab II / EEG Lab II

Comm Lab | Analog Lab

The Faculty involved in this workshop are:

  • Dr. Ted Astleford, UF
  • Dr. Armando Barreto, FIU
  • Dr. Rizwan Bashirullah, UF
  • Dr. John Harris, UF
  • Dr. Toshi Nishida, UF
  • Dr. Jose Principe, UF
  • Dr. Justin Sanchez, UF
  • Erik Sander, UF

Tentative List of Topics

BMI Overview J. Sanchez

  • Specifications
  • Modes of operations
  • Applications

BCI Overview A. Barreto

  • Specifications
  • Modes of operation
  • Applications

BCI Signal Processing A. Barreto

  • Preprocessing
  • Feature extraction algorithms

BMI Signal Processing J. Principe

  • Spike rate/point process modeling
  • Spike detection /sorting

EEG Lab I A. Barreto

  • Construction of a paradigm
  • Data Collection

Neurophys Lab I J. Sanchez

  • Construction of a paradigm
  • Data collection from a behaving rodent
  • Data Analysis

BCI Systems A. Barreto

  • Electrode caps
  • BCI 2000 system

BMI Systems J. Sanchez

  • Tucker Davis system

EEG Lab II A. Barreto

  • Design and Implementation of algorithms
  • Run experiment

BMI Electrodes T. Nishida

  • Electrode/tissue interface
  • MEMs fabrication

Neurophys Lab II J. Principe/J Sanchez

  • Wiener filtering
  • Co-Adaptive BMIs

Wearable Systems J. Principe

  • Fully implantable versus wearable
  • Portable Wireless

Implantable I J. Harris

  • Amplifier design
  • Integrate and fire technology

Implantable II R. Bashirullah

  • Implantable wireless

Comm Lab R. Bashirullah

  • Circuit Design
  • Data collection

Analog Lab. J. Harris

  • Circuit Design
  • Data Collection

Technology transfer I E. Sander

  • Start ups

Technology transfer II T. Astleford

  • Business Plan