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Welcome to ITL Resource Center!

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This resource center is the culmination of years of effort of CNEL members in the field of ITL. The main aim of our research is to develop new signal processing techniques by going beyond the basic assumptions of Linearity, Gaussianity and Stationarity. By capturing higher order statistics of the data using Information Theory, we solve variety of problems in Biomedical Signal Processing, Communications and Machine Learning. The beauty of this technique lies in building synergy between Electrical Engineering, Physics and Statistics.

ITL is a group effort headed by Dr. Jose C. Principe and Deniz Erdogmus, which have evolved from the work of past CNEL members John Fisher III, DongXin Xu, Kenneth Hild II, Jianwu Xu, Sudhir Rao, Rati Agrawal, Seungju Han, Puskal Pokharel, Jeong Kyu-Hwa, Anant Hegde, and Weifeng Liu. Present members of this group are Sohan Seth, Erion Hasanbelliu, Luis Sanchez. We would like to thank Robert Jenssen for his code on Information Theoretic Clustering and Alen Cruz for helping us in creating this webpage.

Please feel free to browse through this webpage. If you publish material using our resources, please acknowledge the assistance you received using our website by including the following link in your references.

Your feedback would be much appreciated. We hope you have a good time.

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