If you have read through our web page and are interested in my research, feel free to send me email telling me about yourself. Include the words PROSPECTIVE STUDENT in capital letters as the only words in the subject line. Also, do not include any attachments in your email. If you include a resume then just cut and paste the information in ASCII form in the mail message. In general, I receive a few email letters a day and I no longer even try to respond to them anymore. However, I do save the information and periodically look through them to find good students. Prospective students who send email without following these instructions have either not bothered to read my webpage or can't follow instructions. Since neither option is a desirable quality for a prospective student of mine, I can immediately delete these messages. Also, do not address me as "Dr. John" or by the name of another faculty and do not include me in any mass mailings that you are considering.

If you are on-campus, feel free to come by and talk during my office hours. Since my research area involves sophisticated signal processing algorithms and their implementations in analog VLSI circuits or DSPs, it normally takes about a year of courses before students are prepared for research in my field.

Another source of funding for all students, is Teaching Assistantships (TAs). You can apply for a TA through the department but your English speaking ability better be high if you are going to get one of these.